Monday - October 23, 2017
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Steve Bannon Headlines California GOP Convention - Where Are Congressional Republicans?
IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 20 -- The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee issued the following news release:

Ahead of white supremacist Steve Bannon's speech this evening in Anaheim at the California GOP convention, California's congressional Republicans have been silent. But this is the pivotal event in which California Republicans update their party platform, and having Bannon headline this event clearly sends a message.

Vulnerable Congressional Republicans have a choice to make - take a stand and publicly oppose Bannon, or stay silent and tacitly approve the direction of their party.

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RGA Releases New TV Ad in New Jersey Governor's Race: 'Your Money'
WASHINGTON, Oct. 20 -- The Republican Governors Association issued the following news release:

The Republican Governors Association released a new television advertisement today in the New Jersey governor's race, highlighting the stark contrast between Kim Guadagno's focus on making New Jersey affordable and Democrat Phil Murphy's plan to grow government and increase taxes.

View the ad here:

"Hard-working New Jerseyans can't afford a return to the big government, tax-and-spend policies of the Corzine administration, but that's exactly what they would get with Phil ... Show Full Article

NRCC Releases New Video, 'California Love,' Highlighting Democrat Infighting in Golden State
WASHINGTON, Oct. 20 -- The National Republican Congressional Committee issued the following news release:

The National Republican Congressional Committee released a new video, "California Love," highlighting California Democrats' bitter civil war.

"From the de Leon-Feinstein faceoff to Linda Sanchez publicly humiliating Nancy Pelosi, California Democrats' bitter civil war is now out in the open. As Democrats continue wasting resources and time attacking one another, Republicans are in a stronger position than ever to protect our majority and put Democrats on defense." -NRCC Spokesman Jack Pandol ... Show Full Article

NRCC Issues Statement on Rep. Tiberi's Resignation
WASHINGTON, Oct. 20 -- The National Republican Congressional Committee issued the following statement by Chairman Steve Stivers regarding Ohio's 12th congressional district Rep. Pat Tiberi's resignation:

"Pat Tiberi's leadership in Congress paved the way for countless conservative reforms that will benefit central Ohio for decades to come.

"I'm proud to call Pat a mentor and a close friend. His presence will be sorely missed by his colleagues on both sides of the aisle.

"Ohio's 12th district was carried by Republicans from the top of the ticket down by double-digit margins in 2016, and I am ... Show Full Article

In Case You Missed It: Governor Walker Ready to Keep Moving Wisconsin Forward
MADISON, Wis., Oct. 20 -- The Wisconsin Republican Party issued the following news:

Governor Walker is ready to keep moving Wisconsin forward. Thanks his bold reforms, hard-working families are winning big. The Governor launched a video on Wednesday, highlighting how his work is benefiting Wisconsinites. Watch the video here (

Read coverage of the governor's video from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel here, or read excerpts below.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker confirms he's running with campaign video

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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Arizona Democratic Party Issues Statement on Pay Raise Scandal
PHOENIX, Oct. 20 -- The Arizona Democratic Party issued the following statement by Executive Director Herschel Fink regarding Gov. Doug Ducey's choice to provide his appointed political staffers pay raises while cutting budgets for the state government, a direct hypocrisy to his "small government" message as Arizona Governor:

"Governor Ducey tried to pull a fast one on Arizonans, and while he rightfully got caught, this maneuver exposed the true hypocrisy of the governor and his entire career as a public official.

"Through glitzy posts on social media and poll-tested branding, Ducey has preached ... Show Full Article

Activists Slam Ryan Costello's Entanglement in DEA/Pharma Scandal
HARRISBURG, Pa., Oct. 20 -- The Pennsylvania Democratic Party issued the following news:

Today, activists and community leaders held a press conference outside Representative Ryan Costello's office to hold him accountable for cosponsoring a bill that crippled the DEA's ability to stem the flow of prescription narcotics--selling his constituents out for $300,000 in Pharma money at the same fatal overdoses in Pennsylvania were skyrocketing 37% in 2016 alone.

Profiled in a Washington Post/60 Minutes bombshell expose, the harmful bill prompted Rep. Tom Marino to withdraw his nomination as drug czar ... Show Full Article