Tuesday - September 26, 2017
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Zody Statement on HEA 1337 Court Decision
INDIANAPOLIS, Sept. 25 -- The Indiana Democratic Party issued the following statement by Chairman John Zody:

"Today's ruling is a reminder that Statehouse Republicans' desire to legislate their extreme political ideology costs Hoosiers.

"Indiana Republicans knew full well HEA 1337 would wind up in the courts and that Hoosier taxpayers would pick up the legal tab. Instead of working across the aisle to tackle pressing issues, like a widening gender pay gap, Indiana Republicans doubled down on what was a naked attempt to erode Hoosier women's access to quality health care.

"While this might be ... Show Full Article

Steve Pearce Silent on Bill to End Health Coverage for 230,000 New Mexico Residents, Blow $1.3 Billion Hole in State Budget
SANTA FE, N.M., Sept. 25 -- The New Mexico Democratic Party issued the following news:

As the Senate continues debate on the Graham-Cassidy health care bill, extreme right-wing Republican Steve Pearce has been in hiding, refusing to take a position on this dangerous plan that would hit New Mexico's families and budget hard--even after he voted for a previous repeal bill that would devastate the state.

Studies have found that if the Graham-Cassidy plan passes, New Mexico would lose $1.3 billion in health care funding by 2026. Additionally, 230,000 people in the state would lose their coverage ... Show Full Article

Ralph Northam Embraces Keith Ellison's Extreme Anti-Growth Policies
WASHINGTON, Sept. 25 -- The Republican Governors Association issued the following news release:

Tonight, Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam will hold a fundraiser with Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison, embracing his far-left, extremist views. This move should alarm Virginia voters and raises serious questions on why Northam chose to associate himself with the radical Congressman.

In a speech earlier this year, Ellison gave his full-throated support to income redistribution, claiming that the government should "redistribute" the wealth in this country.

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House Republicans Must Sign New 'Demand Vote' Petition on DREAM Act
WASHINGTON, Sept. 25 -- The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee issued the following news release:

House Democrats have taken another major step to protect the 800,000 law-abiding DREAMers that President Trump put at risk when he ended DACA. Given House Republicans' failure to lead on commonsense immigration reform, the "Demand a Vote" discharge petition is a necessary vehicle to force a vote on the bipartisan DREAM Act. House Republicans, especially those vulnerable Republicans representing diverse constituencies and immigrant communities, must sign the petition immediately.

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Flake Sides With Donors Over Arizonans in Latest Health Care Battle
PHOENIX, Sept. 25 -- The Arizona Democratic Party issued the following statement:

* * *

As editorials across the state condemn Senator Flake for supporting the toxic Graham-Cassidy-Heller health care plan -- which will spike costs, guts coverage for pre-existing conditions, "has a significant negative impact on those living in Arizona," and is opposed by major patient advocacy organizations like the AARP and the American Medical Association -- reporting from the New York Times reveals why Republicans like Flake are advancing this bill: appeasing their political donors. In response, today Arizona ... Show Full Article

DSCC Issues Statement on Latest CBO Score, Sen. Collins' Opposition to Graham/Cassidy/Heller
WASHINGTON, Sept. 25 -- The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee issued the following statement by spokesman David Bergstein in response to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office's preliminary score of the Graham-Cassidy-Heller health care bill:

"Graham-Cassidy-Heller is the result of a desperate party more interested in putting points up on the board than providing accessible, affordable health care for millions of Americans.

"The limited analysis released today is only the latest snapshot of how the GOP health care agenda would be a disaster for hardworking families - spiking costs ... Show Full Article

DNC Chair Perez Issues Statement on Latest GOP Health Care Repeal Effort
WASHINGTON, Sept. 25 -- The Democratic National Committee issued the following statement by Chair Tom Perez on the latest changes to the Republican health care repeal bill:

"This latest bill is just as bad as the first. Republicans have resorted to buying off votes to pass an unpopular bill that would take away health care from millions instead of working with a bipartisan group of senators to give Americans the health care they deserve.

"Every state will be worse off if Republicans pass their disastrous plan, and any senators who vote for it don't deserve to keep the offices they hold.

"It's ... Show Full Article