Monday - October 23, 2017
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TEDxDayton to Feature Wright State Faculty and Alumni
KENT, Ohio, Oct. 20 -- Wright State University issued the following news:

Wright State faculty and alumni will share their expertise on a variety of topics such as experience as an Iraqi refugee, embracing life after menopause and Generation Z when they speak at TEDxDayton.

The fifth annual TEDxDayton will take place at the Victoria Theatre in Dayton on Oct. 20. Tickets are sold out. For more information, visit

TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to spreading ideas through 18-minute-or-less talks in more than 100 languages, and focuses on talks related to technology, entertainment ... Show Full Article

Number of Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients Without Insurance Drops in First Year of ACA
BLOOMINGTON, Ind., Oct. 20 -- Indiana University issued the following news release:

The number of newly diagnosed cancer patients who were uninsured fell by one-third in the first year of the Affordable Care Act's implementation, according to research from Indiana University.

The research, published in a research letter by JAMA Oncology, also found significant gains in those covered for treatments of various cancers, among various demographic groups and stages of diagnosis.

The uninsured rate among cancer patients was flat in states without Medicaid expansion before and after 2014, but it declined ... Show Full Article

Mountain Glaciers Shrinking Across the West
SEATTLE, Oct. 20 -- The University of Washington issued the following news release:

Until recently, glaciers in the United States have been measured in two ways: placing stakes in the snow, as federal scientists have done each year since 1957 at South Cascade Glacier in Washington state; or tracking glacier area using photographs from airplanes and satellites.

We now have a third, much more powerful tool. While he was a doctoral student in University of Washington's Department of Earth and Space Sciences, David Shean devised new ways to use high-resolution satellite images to track elevation ... Show Full Article

Grimm Accepts National Advising Award
MACOMB, Ill., Oct. 20 -- Western Illinois University issued the following news release:

Western Illinois University Department of Communication Academic Advisor Jennifer Grimm accepted the Outstanding Advising Award - Primary Advising Role by the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) during a conference in October. Only between 5-10 of these prestigious awards are given annually.

The award is given to an individual who has demonstrated qualities associated with outstanding academic advising of students. The Academic Advising - Primary Role category includes those whose primary role ... Show Full Article

Gordon Discusses the Bible and the Reformation at History Lecture
JACKSON, Tenn., Oct. 20 -- Union University issued the following news release:

Bruce Gordon, Titus Street Professor of Ecclesiastical History at Yale Divinity School, said the way Protestant Christians understand the Bible is based largely on ideas from the Reformation, namely the idea of sola scriptura (by Scripture alone).

Gordon was the featured speaker at the 21st annual Carls-Schwerdfeger History Lecture Thursday at Union University. His evening topic was "What Happened to the Bible in the Reformation?"

"What happened to the Bible in the Reformation was that the Bible, of course, was the ... Show Full Article

Forums Set for Finalists for Provost Position
WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind., Oct. 20 -- Purdue University issued the following news release:

Two finalists for the position of Purdue University provost and executive vice president for academic affairs and diversity will make presentations in forums open to the campus community.

The finalists were announced Friday (Oct. 20) by search committee chair Kathleen Howell, associate dean of the College of Engineering and the Hsu Lo Distinguished Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

"After a thorough review of outstanding internal candidates, we offer two excellent choices to lead the academic mission ... Show Full Article

'Sex That Moves Mountains': Spawning Salmon Play Significant Role in Shaping Landscapes
BLOOMINGTON, Ind., Oct. 20 -- Indiana University issued the following news release:

When salmon spawn, the earth moves -- not immediately, but over the course of hundreds of thousands or millions of years. That's the conclusion of a study, co-authored by an Indiana University geologist, which finds that salmon can play a significant role in shaping mountain landscapes.

Brian Yanites, an assistant professor in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences in the IU Bloomington College of Arts and Sciences, and his co-authors model the effect of spawning salmon on riverbed erosion and calculate ... Show Full Article